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things turning me on this week
鈽昬njoy with a hot cupa java/script
JavaScript has gotten even better and you can now run 100% ES Modules code “natively” through the entire node, JS, testing, and coverage (and more!) ecosystem. Picking the right tools that understand ES Modules is key - here we use mocha and c8 (also show how to use jasmine (what is under jest) and nyc/. istanbul if desired). Bonus points? sinon for mocking.

Sample code setup

demonstration minimal working git repository

Uses simply: mocha and c8

The goal is to avoid babel, transpiling, and any dynamic transform of the JS source/test code as possible.

  • mocha since it can understand ES Modules (and make import/export work nicely).
  • c8 for code coverage (since it understands ES Modules)
  • expectations for jest/jasmine like testing, eg: expect('hai'.length).toBe(3)
  • sinon for mocking, stubs, and spies (more below on that)

There’s a few subtle things to get setup and “just right” to make it all work seamlessly. But once you know them, you’re good to go.

If you prefer jasmine


you can now write all your source and test code in the modern/future default 100% ES Modules (AKA import / export), eg:

import { foo, foobar } from '../src/foo.js'

describe('foo()', function () {
  it('should return number plus one', function () {


git clone
cd js-es-modules-coverage-testing
npm install
npm test

(or alternatively: npx c8 mocha)


> @ test /Users/tracey/dev/js-es-modules-coverage-testing
> c8 mocha

    鉁 should return number minus one

    鉁 should return number plus one

    鉁 should return same number

    鉁 should switch from 2 to 3 via a swap out
    鉁 should switch from 2 to 3 via a mock

  5 passing (11ms)

File      | % Stmts | % Branch | % Funcs | % Lines | Uncovered Line #s
All files |     100 |      100 |     100 |     100 |
 bar.js   |     100 |      100 |     100 |     100 |
 foo.js   |     100 |      100 |     100 |     100 |
 goo.js   |     100 |      100 |     100 |     100 |

the magic

  • in package.json, this tells node and scripts all .js files are ES Modules
  "type": "module",
  • in package.json, this tells mocha to preload expectations (for jest-like testing)
  "mocha": {
    "require": "expectations"

mocking, stubs, and spies

By Far, this is the most complicated thing to get right. I spent hours and hours over a few days on/off trying to get mocking to work (first with jasmine, then sinon).

Fortunately, I found this lil’ gem:

Normally, ES Modules are very locked down and hard to mock. By grouping all the export-ed methods via export default Goo, and importing via import Goo from '../src/goo.js', we can replace methods if needed for testing. (Imagine needing to test something that live-fetches resources, etc.)

2020 as ever, is a super-exciting time 馃コ for javascript!

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