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Brand new bike! After trying Hunter’s Trek SuperCaliber 9.8 XT ultra-light XC (“cross country”) racer bike for a week – I was hooked. Once I saw this color scheme, and the 20% off sale for this 2022 bike – I secretely ordered it. It’s an absolutely amazing bike. It wants you to push hard, to tear into a climb or bounce down a descent.

She’s named “Phoenix” after the X-Men superheroine, being a “supercaliber” bike from Trek in the sunburst/fireball colors of the Phoenix :)

The (Shimano XT) brakes are bananas great. The stock gears are perfection. The (mechanical – my preference still) shifting is supersmooth and the best I’ve ever had on a bike. I’m in love!

At a hard-to-believe 24 pountds – it’s only 4 pounds more than my gravel bike. It’s got 100mm of front fork travel, and 60mm in the rear (using this unique “inline” shock under the top tube).

mountain bike in front of hedges Quick parking lot shakedown ride before taking her home.

bike being tuned Matt Sharp of Lafayette “Sharp’s Bikes” doing final adjustments for giddy new owner.

tracey on new mountain bike in field First offroad trail - absolutely loving it already!

tracey and bike at Chabot Space & Science At Chabot Space & Science Center

mountain bike in front of Chabot Space & Science Ultra-light mountain bike thanks NASA for light & strong technology :)

mountain bike in redwoods She loves to rip through trails in the Redwoods.

mountain bike and flowers Supercaliber meets the super bloom.

mountain bike view from seat Cockpit view

tracey in group bike ride My first group ride (“Thirsty Thursday” with EBGB). I didn’t tell anyone I bought this until I showed up :D

tracey on mountain bike with bay views My first weekend with Phoenix – naturally wanted to go to my favorite Bay Area loop. It starts by climbing Mt. Tamalpais, then super fun and weirdly technical “Coastal Trail” down to Muir Beach. Then up Diaz Ridge and Miwok Trail over to the main ridge, and back down to Muir Beach. Final climb up Middle Green Gulch. Fun long descent to Tennessee Beach, and end the trip with “The Junction” beer garden.

tracey & hunter with bike overlooking ocean We’re living our best lives with our matching SuperCaliber bikes & matching floral kits! 😻

tracey with bike with ocean behind Near the top of Mt. Tam – West Point Inn.

tracey with bike with ocean behind Overlooking the Pacific Ocean

tracey with bike in front of muir beach Heading down steep trails to Muir Beach – it did absolutely amazing work of the gravel bike anxiety trails!

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