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About my PRIOR JS-base (JavaScript) site

NOTE: this all refers to my prior site and uses some archived “Wayback Machine” page links so you can still see the code.

September 2008, as I fretted over the upcoming election, I decided to rewrite this website to use (“client side”) JavaScript and JSON for the majority of the look, navigation, and formatting.

So, for example, the upper header, the lower footer, the lefthand navigation, etc. are all inserted with Javascript around whatever each page’s <body> tag is. I have a single Javascript file (see source here) that takes care of everything. It nicely only has one global (JSON) variable that encapsulates all my methods and (JSON) data elements. At the bottom of the JS file is the call to init() which sets a window.onload() event to fire off and set the page up.

For example, this is what the source of hunter.htm looked like:

<html><head><meta mod="$Date: 2015/05/10 04:46:34 $" fi="$RCSfile: oldjs.php,v $"/>
  <script src="js.js"></script>
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="old-css.css" type="text/css"/>
</head><body class="std">

<div style="width:660px; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto;">
  <div style="text-align:center">
    <a href="">Hunter's Website</a> (he's Super!)

  <a class="hoverShower stealth" href="">
    <span class="hoverShower">
      <img class="showOnHover" src="/img/superoverlay.gif"/>
      <img src="/img/superman.jpg"
           title="Hunter is Superman"
           alt="Hunter is Superman"
           width="640px" height="480px"/>


That’s it!

So please use any technique(s) you like from my site from what I’ve learned!

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tracey is a nonstop dance party. so you dont have to. dont ask me about containers. thanks for dropping by today. you look nice.