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Well, we upgraded my gravel bike “Candy” to be a MUCH better climbing bike (really we turned it from a “cyclocross” bike to a super-light gravel bike). After upgrading the tires, we upgraded the rear cassette (and derailleur) and front chainring.


Hunter figured out Shimano GRX, with a longer GRX derailleur, could take a much bigger rear cassette, all the way from 34 tooth biggest gear to 46T:

We also made the front chainring smaller, from 40T stock to 36T:

Candy now has the same “gain ratio” in its easiest setup:

And, wow she can climb now.

upgrades 11-46T (rear) x 36T front
stock 11-34T (rear) x 40T front
Cost Part
$142 Pirelli Cinturato Gravel M Bike Tire (700x40c) (2x)
$121 Cassette Shimano M8000 XT 11 speed 11-46T
$112 Shimano rear derailuer RD-RX812 GRX
$85 Wolf Tooth 36T chainring
$34 tubeless valves
$50 LEZYNE Pocket Drive Pro Mini pump
$544 TOTAL

Weight Weenie

Weight Timeline
18.7 lbs rolled off floor (but no: pedals, bottle cages) (and as typical, no: bike bag, pump)
19.9 lbs .. plus pedals, bottle cages & upgraded 28c tubed to 40c tubeless tires
20.3 lbs .. and new longer derailleur + bigger rear cassette
20.1 lbs .. and new smaller 36T chainring

I’m so delighted now with this bike!

(After my 62 mile gravel race 9 days ago):

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