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Two weeks ago, Green Magic Man became the top poster on kawasaki ZX6 forum
One week ago, Hyperlapse hit the App Store
this is their story

“Green Magic Man” hitting the curves on Highway 1 towards the coast, Marin County, CA on Labor Day 2014

We tried “Hyperlapse”, which just came out this week, for the first time.

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808_guy's Gravatar

Hey there,

Has there been any forward movement on a “resurrection” of I’m looking at starting up a new website to pick up where left off…I have a lot of the stickies and valuable information that I had saved over the years. I wanted to avoid a duplication of effort…hence why I’m asking whether this project ever got off the ground.



Green Magic Man's Gravatar

Green Magic Man

Hi all:
This is Green Magic Man.
I just emailed directly Kelly above, he knows my direct email now. I am still trying to get a complete copy of the site from Pengaru and waiting for him to get back to me. I want that site back too!!!
joerocket693's Gravatar


Joerocket693 here from i miss the site too. Sold my zx6e a few YEARS back but was trying to keep in touch with the group. Site was such a great resource.
6E Keeper's Gravatar
Owner of a ’95 ZX6E and would also like to know what happened to It’s a great source of information and would be saddened if it was all lost. Thanks.
tracey pooh's Gravatar

hi Kelly and Keeper,

I’m very sorry to say that I think, after looking around web and checking with Green Magic Man, that the forum is sadly just plain gone. That is pretty horrific/terrible, I’m a little stunned. As an Archivist (major programmer at this saddens me greatly. You can still find some of our crawled versions of some of the pages here:*/

It’s really a shame — if they gave members some notice, we would have happily crawled it to the bottom and made sure it got saved in our archives fully…

Brad's Gravatar
So did they just pull the plug on the server?? I would be willing to host it if needed as it was a great site
tracey pooh's Gravatar
yah, they pulled the plug.
Green Magic Man is looking in to trying to see if he can bring it back from the dead on another server, possibly another forum posting technology…
but that’s going to take some time…

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tracey is a nonstop dance party. so you dont have to. dont ask me about containers. thanks for dropping by today. you look nice.