Album: Jonathan Pon Ride (99 pictures) May 4, 2008
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Jonathan Pon Memorial Ride for the Positive Pedalers This wonderful 2-day event was in training for the AIDS LifeCycle7 SF to LA trip coming up in just under a month! It is a memorial rememberance ride for the founder of the Positive Pedalers whom we sadly lost in 2001. We had great weather (about 10 miles of tough head and crosswind for one day) and as far as we heard, noone got hurt. Everyone was as usual incredidbly friendly and supportive. There was so much pretty countryside to bike through and take in that it's hard to believe that we biked it all. Thanks especially to Wilfredo, Beau, Peter, and Bob -- our fabulous Training Ride Leaders of the Peds that we've ridden the most with who also did much or most of the the organizing. I now *really* want to explore the Russian River area and do more north bay riding. I'll get an edited video up soon!

"downtown" julie brown readying the troops

country store in Valley Ford

breadmakers from heaven in the middle of nowhere...

one delicious sticky bun later...

russian river Casini Campground

ALC is... a rolling buffet! (bob was right)

campfire accordian musician

playing banjo with his mouth

sun is peeking through the morning fog

bob looking like a puppetmaster pixie

yay wilfredo for a great weekend!

russian river in high drama!

russian river heading to bay

tracey wants to return. repeatedly

hunter adjusts chain on curvy coastal highway

fun way to start the morning

hunter and bob. the cushy booth felt sooo nice!

final stop back in fairfax. WE LOVE YOU, POSPEDS!

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