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A little (more about me)

I have a twin! It's true! (Russ and Tracey).
For more about me, just cruise around my site to see what I'm interested in.

Tracey moved (after 6 years in San Francisco) to a little mountain town -- the Montclair district in the Oakland hills.


About PoohBot Pictures:

PoohBot Pictures is one of my outside-of-work interests, focusing on digital video, shorts, and video production. Click here for some more info (which I'm in progress of editing).

My Work and Resumé:

I'm presently working at Internet Archive. You can see my work history and educational info as well as my resumé.

About this site:

I've finally taken the plunge to the ubiquitous wordpress as the basis of my completely rewritten (June 2010) website, using a custom plugin and custom new HTM/CSS/JS "slide-responsively" that I wrote, which is inspired by "sliding-door" theme. That gives me the bloglike nature, comments, search, and such.

Aside from customizing the theme, I took a lot of my old pages that were the basis of my old site, converted them from HTML+JS to PHP+HTML and setup some hooks for these pages to render using my static PHP files for the content of the "page/post content" (the page content is "empty" in the wordpress DB for these pages). This allows me nicely to have a small set of static pages I mostly manage and edit externally, but they still get the overall theme, comments, tags, and such.


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  1. I met you two (Hunter / Tracey) online this evening through your many films. I must say that I am touched by these colorful, beautiful presentations of two very interesting lives.


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