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Motion JPEG test

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This extracts the JPEG frames, _found within an `.avi` file bytestream_, likely without the huffman compression tables (though chrome dont care 8-). Then it base64 encodes each frame, inserting each frame into a dynamic <img> tag to "play the .avi file".

Add in a short display timeout and keep overlaying images, and you have your "video", using <img> tags, like a flip book.


  • chrome
  • firefox (but slow)


(probably not happy w/ missing huffman compression tables in img headers)
  • safari/iOS
  • MS IE

Originally created 2006 by Tracey Jaquith. minor updates to jQuery and simplifying 2013

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This absolutely helped me. I ported it with standard ArrayBuffer object and it works on IE11. Thank you!
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tracey pooh

wow, super cool! i’m super impressed you were able to use and hack it to make an IE version work.

nicely done!
(and thanks for the ping 😎


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