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October 2004, Tracey returned to work once again with Brewster Kahle at the now fully nonprofit Internet Archive to help continue the largest digital library in the world. Tracey is working on their website and the storage system for the collection materials, as well as side digital video projects. She is primarily developing in PHP, JSON, and CSS.

Tracey worked at Intelligent Markets from 2000 to 2004 as a java software architect, responsible for efficient servers as well as the Oracle and Sybase database and JDBC layers. She was also in charge of server configuration, setup, and its build system, converting a legacy 10,000 line "make" system to a modern Ant/XML solution. She was inventor on two patent applications.

Tracey worked at Internet Archive and Alexa Internet from 1996 to 2000, building high-speed dynamic HTTP servers and web crawlers. She was the system architect. She was inventor on two patents.

In the 90s, Tracey worked for two years post-college for Xerox Desktop Document Systems (believed to have since become Nuance). There Tracey used her formal background and training in machine vision and image analysis to analyze the contents of documents in efforts to empower computers to understand the world of images in a manner similar to humans (for example Optical Character Recognition). Tracey was also their webmaster. She was inventor on four image analysis patents.

Tracey graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science and a Master's of Engineering in Computer Science. She worked with mentor Dan Huttenlocher in the Computer Science Robotics and Vision Lab on problems in machine vision, like tracking moving objects with both stationary and (arbitrarily) moving cameras. She published two papers; one was accepted to a computer vision conference.

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Roy Lichtenstein
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