AIDS LifeCycle Training Rides

AIDS LifeCycle Rides Tracey and Hunter are leading from Orinda BART

Mar 21: Ride 1 of 5: Mt. diablo Halfway (50 miles)

Apr  4: Ride 2 of 5: “Oil, Sugar, Beef!” (44 miles)

Apr 11: Ride 3 of 5: Morgan Territory (69 miles)

May  9: Ride 4 of 5: Palomares Canyon (69 miles)

May 23: Ride 5 of 5: Three Bears and Full Mt. Diablo (83 mi)

Tracey Jaquith and Hunter Brown, first time Training Ride Leaders, are proud and excited to lead five very special rides through some of the prettiest and most challenging terrain in the East Bay!   We have all five listed above and will add more maps, elevation charts, and information the closer we get to each ride.

Here are some other helpful links:

Overall ALC Training Rides Calendar

All ALC Training Rides Calendar, rides leaving from Orinda

Consider the **amazing** Jonathan Pon Memorial Ride, May 2-3.    (Note: not listed on their site yet as of Mar20…)

It is a 2-day weekend pre-June big ride preparation and stunningly beautiful and wonderful.   On Saturday, we bike to Russian River, with full “S.A.G.” (Support And Gear).  They truck our tents, sleeping bags, and clothes up for us, and take care of rest stops and meals while en route.  On Sunday, we bike a slightly shorter and mostly flat coastal route back to Sports Basement.   So just like “The Ride” — all we have to do is pedal and enjoy.  It’s a great time and bonding experience and, for first time riders like Hunter and I were in 2008, it really helps you figure out how to prepare for the ride, what to pack, and helps calm the inner nerves!  It’s an annual ride to commemorate the loss of one of the founders of The Positive Pedalers — people with the biggest hearts on the planet.  Join us!

If you are in the South Bay/peninsula or there for a weekend, consider the great rides led by TRL Chris Thomas!

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