Album: madone (15 pictures) February 26, 2008
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wow! just got my new trek road bike. it's the first year Trek went with "compact geometry" (downslope tube) bike styling after winning the Tour de France with a slightly better version of this bike. Upgrading from an aluminum bike with carbon fork (hardtail) to this 100% carbon frame and fork is just incredible! it absorbs bumps and road noise like a 70s bouncy caddy so you and your bum can keep riding for hours. it climbs and descends amazing. trek has an incredible bike here. and now i do, too, yay! I'm looking forward to the 1000s of miles of training for my first Aids Lifecycle (7 day bikeride from SF to LA!)

just made for me! (no pedals yet)

happy first spin around the parking lot

oh ya, this is one sweet ride

off to my favorite mountain

halfway up mt. diablo -- ready to return down 1500+ feet of descent

spring on mt. diablo is my favorite spot

part of the descent

early spring is good, no?

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