Album: drake moved in (33 pictures) October 28, 2006
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We did it! We've finally got most everything settled in and unpacked. We're especially luck to have gotten $$$$-worth of commercial chrome racks for free (and our garage is our pride of organization now). The house gets great sun and roasts up nicely in the afternoon to culminate with gorgeous sunsets over the bay and SF. Our commute is our secret path and then a couple public staircases down to the cute Montclair village (to a coach bus to transbay terminal). So far, we're pleased as punch!

stacks o' racks! and they all fit in the back of my car in one trip!

masterBR -- we took off the closet doors and racked it

dining area side with chimney

chimney/shrine and favorite art

new fridge to match the other new appliances

laundry room and pantry. new machines!

filtered south bay view

secret path! part one

secret path! part two

secret path! to deckside

office/guestroom (and mattress)

cutest little homeowner in oakland!

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