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Animal Kingdom -- what a great park! I was seriously hesitant and expecting 8 hours of "Can you feel the love tonight?" but instead it was great. It is *totally* immersive, lush, and well laid out. Best of all, there are great "trek" walks throughout the park to see different exotic animals (think like way better than the best zoo you've seen). The little "asian" and "african" villages are so convincing and cute. They even have a (thoughtfully, appropriately) roped off "Ganges River" scene. I mean, you look at the vistas and go "this is crazy! i'm taking pictures of faked places in the real world! but they're soooo well done!" 3 of my top 5 rides are at this park: Kilimanjaro Safaris (great animals in totally immersive world/safari) DINOSAUR (great! perfect modern ride) It's Tough to be a Bug (stimulates 4 of the 5 senses!)

when you need in, always flash the card

the (fake) but impressive tree of life

great bridge view of asia on way to africa

stream and greenery -- rope bridge in upper right

apparently their blood cools in their horns

" the jungle, the mightly jungle, the lion sleeps tonight"

don't they look like they are in shakespeare costumes?

cart prop detail -- details like this are all over the park!

detail of carved "roots" of tree of life

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