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hmm, what to make of this park? well, the 30s retro hollywood theme is kinda cool (although just drive around outside the studios at Burbank, CA for something similar ;-) it's not *really* a studio anymore. nothing's that impressive, and at least one "attraction" really irked us. "Behind the Scenes - Narnia" proved to be nothing more than a "making of" short "while-you-wait" film plus a long trailer of the first film and then (the punchline) a long trailer for upcoming 2nd film. Please! At least I got to see some White Witch stuff like her chariot and snow costume. (Tilda Swinton is *the* baddest villian ever and the best thing about Narnia 8-) Star Wars characters made the park not useless. Dinner at hollywood replica of "The Brown Derby" had a great atmosphere and surprisingly, very good food, too. 1 of my top 5 rides is the "Twilight Zone - Tower of Terror". Super great lead-up/walk in to the "hotel" and extra well done to the 100%! (Star Tours is excellent fun, too, but didn't quite make my top 5).

rent a walker at "classic cars"

oh my G! i don't wanna be a pancake!

the jedi master was great with the kids from audience

a jedi feels the force flow through him

no &@#$@#-ing way! he's here! we're all gonna die!!!

if you only knew the power of the dark suit!

how cute is this? i'd have peed my pants

repel them with the force, young paduin!

tracey showing trooper how to pose

an alien -- but as a person suit?

wrapping up dinner at The Brown Derby

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