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AIDS LifeCycle 7! Our first time doing it, and definitely not our last! We raised over $20,000 as part of the $11.6 million raised by the 2,500 riders plus 500 "roadies" for this weeklong event. It was 7 days of biking (every day) to go from San Fran to LA in 545 miles (averaging 78 miles/day). We had a BLAST! Touring CA was so beautiful! We loved the community and the cause and were sad when it was over. Still, we managed to bike *every mile* and avoid accidents and injury (thank goodness!) Our very minor issues were: one flat tire, one bee sting (face!), two numb big toes (for week after ride), and some minor irritation/blister where you sit (that went away quickly). THANK YOU TO OUR SUPPORTERS WHO DONATED!! WE COULD NOT HAVE DONE THIS RIDE WITHOUT ALL THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF OUR DONORS AND CURRENT AND PRIOR RIDERS WHO URGED US ON! We will never forget this ride. We will never forget the millions who are dying and suffering from AIDS and promise to do all we can to end this horrific pandemic. Love and Light! --tracey and hunter (riders #3287 and #2543).

daily mileage and climbing profile

overall route across California

pre-dawn gathering at Cow Palace, SF

queuing to start; gear trucks in background

bike parking was a *sea* of bikes off into the horizon

thumbs up at Crystal Springs Reservoir

hunter at lunch stop, san gregorio beach

hunter and kite surfers

gear trucks are efficient and organized!

Day Two starts -- agricultural rolling hills leading to ocean

hunter and bike parking

gabo and hunter at water stop with "otter pops" at california mission

stop to cross skinny dipping river

i so overlaid hunter with photoshop, right?

self portrait on last big climb of day two

hunter passing people on a climb as always ;-)

about to make a right turn to rolling hills and a *wonderful* tailwind!

bunnies in fantastic tailwind for final 10 miles

yay! dumb bunnies make first "century" ever (100 miles in 1 day!)

computer says 120 miles but it was more like 108-ish

Day Three begins beautifully

can't beat california mornings like this

early sun makes for beautiful lighting

long wait for far off stop sign

beginning "quadbusters" climb

(custom) triple tandem!

hunter at top of quadbusters! (they mega-phoned "rocky" 3/4 way up!)

shaded mission stop in Bradley, CA on a VERY hot day

lunch to feed the biker furnaces

bradley is like a wild west town of under 100 people

rest stop 4 -- go greased lightning, go!

peter and hunter at mission being restored

cooling it in an inner sanctum

rest stop 4 mission fountain

Day Four starts! rest stop 1

rest stop 1 "town" -- before "evil sisters" climbs

bike parking at vineyard

tracey, miss ginger brewlay, hunter

self portrait -- pacific off in distance

top of climb over mountains -- halfway to LA -- will do more coastal routes now...

halfway to LA! top of climb, heading west, pacific and hills below behind us

coastal town w/ ridiculously huge rock on shore

... see? i'm not kidding!

welcome to Pismo Beach!

Top Guns -- rest stop after terrible crosswinds -- about to start 20 blissful speed miles w/ same wind now on our tails. navy clears us for launch..

a fixed gear bike (there were 3 of them!)

hunter and the sea of tents

Day Five is "red dress" (or "dress red") day! sergio and hunter

hunter, bob! and tracey

robert, MD. and incredible rider. he mounted cleats on the bottom of those pumps. fierce!

riders pretty well take over the little town

red hunter, riders, and rolling hills

base of climb, snaking through military base

riders make a "red ribbon" climbing up the switchbacks

ravenous red riders rest and relish refreshments

long red line stretches out to infinity

dragon kimono ends day five

Day Six starts! waiting for highway 101 bridge lane closure while The Flash directs bike traffic

robert. fabulous. notice the "king/queen of the mountain" nails.

our only flat tire of the entire 5 months of training and 7 days of ride!

disco/very hunter on beach

happily anticipating rumored junk food unofficial rest stop

hunter in paradise, santa barbara

long hot day creates ice cream craving

bike mechanics always happy to help

rest stop 4 -- right off highway 1 on the ocean

"studio 4" bouncer makes sure you're on the A list

ventura beach campsite -- starting candlelight vigil to beach

candles for our fallen brothers and sisters

roadside military museum

highway 1 rolling hills all day to LA

under highway pathway murals

Hunter, Jacob, and our silent tan friends for the week

"the drapes match the carpet"

santa monica in distace

bike path for final 5 mile climb into finish

thank you supporters who signed! everyone loved my jersey!

finish point for the riders

"sweep" vehicle -- keep riding and don't get caught!

hunter, wly, and john (with "victory" shirts)

final celebration -- podium and jumbotron off in distance

russ (white shirt) was there for finish and filmed us!

gear and bikes (one front, one back) plus 3 passengers, off to SF

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