Bike gears — jamming a triple into a double

When my local bike store set me up with my new great ride, I agonized over getting the easier-to-shift double (2 ring) front gearset vs. a triple (3 ring) easier-to-climb option. Turns out, you can have your cake and eat it, too!

I used this amazing gear resource

and customized it to help me compare options to see if a different rear cassette could bridge the gap. It could! I get a higher top speed/ring now with a double and my easiest gear is now only about 66% harder than my old bike’s triple. So yes, climbing is a teeny harder, but it’s nothing like how much harder it would have been with the standard cassette!!

Ladies and other bikers — don’t fear the double when you can get a compact double and larger rear cassette!

Training to bike first Aids LifeCycle (SF to LA)

After about 45 days of training for the big 7-day bikeride in June, I got a new bike to help me get through the long repetitive days in the saddle. The training has been going well, and the last week with my first 100 miles with this new bike were even better! I am a believer that a good carbon bike makes a world of difference. Best of all, my bike is now on only about 1/4 pound heavier than Hunter’s (so watch out, boyfriend!)

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