decaf 1978 honda CB400A speedometer and instruments replaced!

OK, so I sorted out all my re-wiring and was able to replace my stock honda huge instrument cluster with a much smaller and streamlined single mini-speedometer with four instrument lights combined in it.

I used a CB400A wiring clymer manual image that I found online to sort out which wires connect where. I also cleared up quite a few wire clusters that no longer needed to leave the headlight wire storage area and made space for the new connections.

VERY satisfying! Can’t wait to fire her up tomorrow and hopefully the speedo/odometer work properly and track accurately. The indicator lights I could test (blinkers, hi-beam, as well as instrument backlight) work. Will see if my neutral light works tomorrow too (and hopefully will not see the “oil pressure” light come on ever 😎 )

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One thought on “decaf 1978 honda CB400A speedometer and instruments replaced!”

  1. Yay! speedometer and odometer functions worked! I just logged my “first 12 miles” with a 30-minute neighborhood course at dusk. Very relieved and pleased!

    NOTE: still need to do some minor work to get the blinker LED light to work when left-hand turning (right-hand turn works) and the “neutral light” wasn’t working (poop!) so will try to solve both next time I crack into the headlight birdnest of cables and post here how I fixed it (have some good leads over at for the blinker minor issue…)

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