replacing CB400A instruments to smaller cafe racer style

Today I did much more than I thought I would — I pulled out and disconnected all instruments and relocated the ignition/key switch.

The plan is to combine the current speedometer/odometer with four of the seven indicator lights (neutral, high beam indicator, oil warning light, turn signal indicator) into a smaller chrome combined unit, and just plain omit the other three lights (parking brake, 1st gear, 2nd gear).

Now that I’ve done more than I had planned (“oh, maybe just two bolts today to see if I can figure out more what I’m up against…”) it is time to order parts! 😎

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3 thoughts on “replacing CB400A instruments to smaller cafe racer style”

  1. I love the ice cube tray idea! I’m currently restoring a 78 cb400a myself so I will keep checking back here to see your progress! Keep it up!

  2. Thanks, Therod!

    heh, I was putting the bolts in groups on a piece of paper and writing up where came from. After many piles, I looked around garage for old buttercups or something and found these silly ice cube trays we couldn’t *give away* and thought Perfect! 😎

    glad you liked the idea/progress.

    I’ll make sure to post more pics/progress as I go. I just ordered the speedo and took apart the front light to find the wiring harness connector for the ignition (turns out it’s a 6-wire rectangular plastic connector for the closest OEM part (which Dime City unfortunately didn’t carry).

    I’ll tag everything related where it can be found here…

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