Halfway through AIDS LifeCycle

We finished day three’s ride today. I an feeling very strong still and enjoying the unbelievably pretty inland agricultural “salad bowl” of CA and then the dryer wide open grasslands too. The weather has been quite good – not too hot and not too cool. The colder mornings are offset by the rather unseasonly humidity

Hunter is doing well too. Each day seems to get more social and more fun. We know and keep meeting more wonderful people

What a fantastic event!

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2 thoughts on “Halfway through AIDS LifeCycle”

  1. chica, chica! so glad you are enjoying yourself so, and still feeling energetic. please kiss everyone for me. yes, *everyone*. xoxo

  2. keep smiling, chica. closer with every peddle. soon u will be eating mole, and enjoying C.H.E.S.T. big hugs to u and hunter.

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