Breakfast with Amy Goodman of “Democracy Now!”

Amy Goodman, Tracey, the Kahles
Amy Goodman, Tracey, the Kahles

Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now!,  is on tour this month across the country.  She visited San Francisco for two days this week.  My boss, Brewster Kahle from Internet Archive, knew that I am a raving fan of Amy and her amazing show of independent journalism. He was kind enough to invite me along to a long breakfast discussion with Amy.

Brewster and Amy found a common interest on issues of the potential monopoly of Google books, so she scheduled a followup discussion the next day with Brewster on Amy’s show “Democracy Now!” (for likely broadcasting Apr20-25). In person, Amy is an incredibly sweet and inquisitive individual. She is brilliant as well as thoughtful, generous and full of grace. I was thrilled to meet her in person and see how a part of her day goes. I look up to her tremendously as an award-winning pioneer in the field of journalism.

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Oh this made me sooo happy!  😎

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